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Anyone can make a website, but does that mean it is or will be user friendly, attractive, functional, searchable and productive?  If proper website design and construction were that easy, then everyone would be building their own site.

Websites are multi-layer platforms consisting of backgrounds, objects, photos, buttons, links, copy and content...and this is what you SEE.  What you don't see is what sets one site apart from the next.  A series of codes and metatags are the behind the scenes structure that creates the end result - the product that appears on your computer screen.

Transforming thoughts into a concept takes time and still, that is something most people lack.  Turning those concepts into a proper foundation takes even more time and skill.  Once the foundation is built, the level of skill and knowledge greatly increases and the amount of time exponentially increases.  With practice and experience the time required can decrease but with technology expanding and begins to move toward the future, website design is bound to change.

Your website, be it personal or professional, needs to make a statement and needs to create a "want".  A want to see more, call you, buy from you or essentially, choose you.  When your website is properly designed and displayed, it speaks mountains about you or your business.  Your website is a direct reflection of you and your company...displaying what you want your customer to see, purchase and become interested in.  If your site has no direction and does not lead the viewer in the path you want them to take, they can easily move on to the next site - your competitor.

SDM Website Design is here to help get your thoughts out of your head and produce a successfull website.  We enjoy what we do and are pleased to be able to offer this service at affordable rates.  An affordable website is key to getting the most out of your advertising budget; yes, a website is a form of advertisement!  We don't stop at the design and build process, we continue through with SEO (search engine optimization) and monthly maintenance.

With proper SEO, your website becomes searchable.  There is no point in having a website to bring in business if no one can find your site.  Our SEO will help generate higher organic listings with search engines.  With monthly maintenance, you are able to make changes to your website and SDM Website Designs is able to make necessary behind the scenes changes to keep your website fresh.

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Owning a business can be a costly venture.  In today's technological world, having a website is key to reaching the largest audience.  Here at SDM Marketing, we believe that having a website built and maintained does not have to cost an arm and a leg.  We are here to work WITH you in designing a user friendly, attractive website in a cost efficient way.  We strive for 100% customer satisfaction while designing and updating your website at an affordable price.  Our #1 goal is to build you an affordable website that
you are proud to direct
your customers to.

The design options are limited only by your imagination!  Whether you want a pre-designed template, want to alter a template or are looking for a completely custom website, we are here to work WITH you.

Take a look at a few of our current clients' websites and let our work speak for you'll discover, the phrase "you get what you pay for" does not apply to us - you get MUCH more.

Have a question, want to schedule a
consultation or are simply looking
for advice...we are here to help you.
We can be reached by phone or email and will always be
100% up-front and honest with you.  If we are unable to provide 100% customer satisfaction, we are not doing our job.

Packages and pricing are straight forward.  We are proud of our affordable website design packages that you get to choose from.  Whether you have a large budget or a small budget, are a corporation or a small family owned business, we NEVER change the price.  You can be confident and rest-assured that you will receive top quality web design at an affordable price.

As a small family owned business,
we take pride in our work.  We know
that our relationship with our clients
far exceeds any dollar amount.  We understand the importance of having a user friendly, attractive, platform to represent your company on the web.